The History of the Tenor
Is an archive of the greatest Operatic Tenors including narration and sound clips from 1900 until 1990.

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Tenor Aria Opera Date Time
396b   Alva Ecco Ridente Barbiere 1972/63  
397b   Alva Trio w Callas w Gobbi Barbiere 1958  
398b   Alva Il Mio Tesoro D/ Giovanni 19xx  
399b   Wunderlich Horch, Die Lerche Singt M Windsor 1963  
400b   Wunderlich Armer Narr B/Bride 1963?  
401b   Wunderlich Dies Bildnis M/Flute 1960  
402b   Wunderlich Love Duet w Lorengar Butterfly 19xx  
403b   Wunderlich Das Lied Von Leben G/Sunderin 1963?  
404b   Andzhaparidze Abessalom's Aria Ab&Eteri 19xx  
405b   Andzhaparidze No! Passo Son M Lescaut 19xx  
406b   Andzhaparidze Finale w Amiranashvili Iolanthe 19xx  
407b   Burrows Welsh Song  (Live) (Parry) 19xx  
408b   Burrows Prendi L'Anel w Scotto Sonnambula 1967  
409b   Burrows Ah, Lo Veggio C/Fan Tutte 1976  
410   Burrows Nature Immense D/ Faust 1974  
411b   Burrows Tutti Abbandonata w Sills M/Stuarda 1971  
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