The History of the Tenor
Is an archive of the greatest Operatic Tenors including narration and sound clips from 1900 until 1990.

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Tenor Aria Opera Date Time
429b   Aragall Io L'ho Perduta D/Carlos 1976  
430b   Aragall Fra Poco A Me Recovero Lucia 1976  
431b   Carreras Foresto's Romance Attila 1981  
432b   Carreras Bella Adorata I/ Giuramento 1977  
433b   Araiza Un'Aura Amorosa C/Fan Tutte 1978  
434b   Aragall Duet w Pavarotti (Live) C/Montecchi 1963  
435b   Araiza Aria Alzira 1983  
436b   Carreras Duet w Ricciarelli Poliuto 1980  
437b   Aragall Spanish Song (One Verse)   19xx  
438b   Carreras Spanish Song (One Verse)   19xx  
439b   Araiza Italian Singers Song Rosenkavalier 19xx  
440b   Carreras O Mio Piccolo Tavolo Zaza 1980  
441b   Carreras Un Di All Azzurro Chenier 1980  
442b   Aragall Love Duet w Sutherland Esclarmonde 1975  
443b   Aragall Hymn Esclarmonde 1975  
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